Rebranding needed

Posted by Liana on November 11, 2015 in eu-si-doar-eu

Sau nici macar rebranding, reapucare. Oare sa il salvez si sa start fresh sau sa il las aici? Hmmm….



Posted by Liana on October 22, 2013 in eu-si-doar-eu

Because it’s been a while since I wrote anything around here and since I realised, looking (reading) back that I abused my blog as a therapist, I figured I try to make a comeback rambling about what I love. What I used to love. What I may love and not see it. You know that [...]


Somewhere, September has begun

Posted by Liana on August 31, 2013 in eu-si-doar-eu

And, as Billie Joe keeps saying for about 8 (?) years now, wake me up when it ends. Since all my random thoughts pop up in English lately, I don’t see why not I should write in it as well. Funniest thing is that sometimes I start rambling in Shakespeare’s language while being on the [...]


So wake me up when it’s all over

Posted by Liana on July 7, 2013 in eu-si-doar-eu

Pentru ca eu nu prea stiu cum sa ma gestionez pe mine, daramite situatii. Spre deosebire de ce zice poetul, I do know I am lost si nu intr-o statie de metrou cu o harta in mana. Universul are un mod foarte ciudat de a face misto de mine. Ma pune in toate situatiile pe [...]


Stii momentul ala…

Posted by Liana on May 17, 2013 in eu-si-doar-eu

Momentul ala in care stii, esti sigur 100% ca ce faci nu e bine deloc, dar DELOC, nici macar putin… Cand esti sigur ca toate se vor termina prost pentru ca nu au cum sa se termine bine? Cand stii ca nu te joci doar cu egoul tau dar si cu sentimentele altora? Si desi [...]

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