Somewhere, September has begun

Posted by Liana on August 31, 2013 in eu-si-doar-eu |

And, as Billie Joe keeps saying for about 8 (?) years now, wake me up when it ends.

Since all my random thoughts pop up in English lately, I don’t see why not I should write in it as well. Funniest thing is that sometimes I start rambling in Shakespeare’s language while being on the phone with my Granny. Who, needless to say, does not speak it. Or understand it. Oh, well…

People keep telling me lately that I’m too old to take life one day at a time, that I should have plans for the infinite future or at least an idea of what I want to do with my life. They may be right but that doesn’t stop me from taking life one day at a time, not having plans and having no clue what so ever where and how I will be next year. Or next month for that matter.

It took me about 5 months to decide to quit my previous job. It took me 5 minutes to give my notice to this one. No, I’m not quitting in the end but only because the reasons why I wanted to go have been solved. So yeah, apparently life has a way of sorting out on its own so why should I make a complete drama over it?

Maybe it would be ok to have plans and all that but the last ones I had did not turn out very good. Not good at all. So I’m going back to being 19 forever (and ever and ever and ever ever) and making plans from Saturday to Sunday. And that is it.

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